With us, you are going to get the best technological solution, your PC, tablet, laptop, mobile, and surveillance system to protect and constantly monitor your property, home, business, residence, car or truck, and much more. With our specialized help, you can design yourself what you need, according to your budget. learn more … (about us)

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Comprehensive software and hardware consulting.

Installation and update of Software and hardware, mobile applications and desktop

Web Design and Networking

Design and Development of Web Sites, Marketing, and administration of social networks.

Repair and Upgrade

Technical support, Computer and Smart Devices Repair, troubleshooting and maintenance (tune-up)

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We are dedicated to an integral service “All in One”, in the Katy area and Houston, Texas, and surroundings: The best service, sincerity, trust, speed, efficiency, quality, expected result by the client, cost according to your budget. Having direct and close communication with our customers, filling them with the full confidence to choose our services, and satisfying them 100%, are our fundamental objectives.

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– Graphic design, banners, logos.
– Design and development of web sites.
– Security+, Antivirus, Firewall, Updates, Drivers, Firmware.
– Operating systems, programs and servers installation.
– Technical support, repairs, troubleshooting, and maintenance (tune-up).
– Network and security system design, install and support.
– Audio System Install (cars, truck, home)
– Hardware, printer, scanner, equipment, and more installation.

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Security systems: Currently we specialize mainly in the installation of security camera systems, alarm systems and secure network systems

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